Discovery coaching and support

Our experienced discovery specialists help service owners get fully prepared to procure or run their own Service Standard discovery phase.

Lagom playbook page for how to write a user need

Ideal for teams that need guidance to define the problem space, scope, and resource requirements for a smooth and effective discovery.

Plus we can guide you through the discovery phase.

We can help you to:

  • Understand what to expect from a discovery phase
  • Be ready to run an effective discovery
  • Start your discovery as quickly as possible
  • Understand the resources and team you need
  • Know how to procure a good discovery supplier
  • Understand (and mitigate) the risks of running a discovery
  • Get the most from the discovery experience

How we do it:

  • Critique and feedback of existing discovery plans
  • Problem statement definition
  • Curation of existing evidence (for a discovery)
  • Research operations plan, including research methods and privacy permissions
  • Resource and team planning (including multidisciplinary roles needed)
  • Define effective procurement questions
  • Coaching check ins, feedback and advice during a discovery phase
  • Prospective service lifecycle roadmap (beyond discovery)

Who do we help

Any team needing discovery evidence, or about to embark on a Government or NHS Service Standard Discovery for their current or prospective digital service.

  • Any service owners responsible for a digital service
  • UK Government departments and arms length bodies
  • Local government
  • NHS bodies
  • Health, education and workforce providers


Read case studies from some of the 40+ discoveries we’ve delivered:

How to work with us

We’re on the Digital Marketplace Outcomes and Specialists and G-Cloud 13 frameworks offering our discovery, service design and user research services.

Get in touch

We’re always happy to have a chat about your plans, or potential projects.

Helen Taylor

Or phone: 01509 351040


  • ~£1k – £10k (depending on what is needed)

“Lagom have been exceptionally good at capturing the brief to conduct GDS compliant Discovery.” 

– Digital Business Partner, Department for Transport

Why Lagom?

We draw on our experience of working with 40+ teams to deliver Service Standard discovery phases over the last 10 years, so we know what it takes to run an effective discovery phase (and the pitfalls to avoid).

Our team includes former civil servant digital specialists who ran digital services in Government departments, so we understand the challenges of navigating policy, assurance and commercial hurdles to get the discovery you need.

We are independently owned, technology-agnostic, and don’t build things: so you can trust our recommendations are truly objective, best value, and above all, user-centred.

Thinking about a different Service Standard phase? We also provide support to create the conditions for a successful Alpha phase.

Stephen Hale

“We’ve learned from experience that the best prepared teams deliver the most successful discoveries (that lead seamlessly into alphas or whatever’s next).”

– Stephen Hale, Lagom Strategy

Discovery planning workshop and action plan

Learn how from our discovery phase experts in our quick, highly-practical, and tailored discovery planning workshop and action plan.

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