Our Services

We conduct user research, run discovery phases, and develop concepts for UK public sector digital services.

User research

We deliver the full-range of immersive user research activities so you can truly understand your service users’ context, experience and needs.

Our specialist User Researchers collaborate with you to gather and analyse the evidence you need to make informed, user-centred decisions about your existing or prospective digital service.

We often partner with organisations to deliver ongoing user research to provide continuous user insight, as well as providing a bespoke, one-off user research service.

Recruiting participants

We find, screen, and book the participants we need to answer your research questions.

Consulting users

We design, conduct, and analyse the 1-2-1 user interviews and workshops to identify their user needs.

Field research

We engage your users in their own environment to observe first-hand their context and experience.

Surveys and analytics

We build, run and analyse online surveys and analytics to gather insights and quantitatively benchmark the user experience.

Discovery phases

An intense and collaborative exploration of the user needs, organisation goals, technical, data and content to reveal the direction of your digital service.

Our multi-disciplinary team of User Researchers, Digital Strategists, and Technical Architects will explore and validate your assumptions about the scope, effort, cost and risks before building a thing. All in line with GDS Service Manual.

Understand users and their needs

We choose from a range of research methods so you can understand users’ experience, context and needs, and then we validate those needs to help you prioritise what to address first.

Stakeholder perspective analysis

We interview the people in and outside your organisation to gather and analyse their goals for the service, and to see how far these goals match the needs of users.

Technical and data review

We explore and document the data and technical environment around your service.


We write and present detailed UX, data, content, technical, and governance recommendations so you can confidently proceed to an Alpha phase.

Concept development

Get quick feedback on the direction of your digital service before you start to build (the wrong thing).

Codesign workshops

We design and facilitate sketch brainstorming activities with your team and actual service users to reveal promising concepts to meet user need.

Clickable concept prototypes

We convert the workshop outputs into a set of basic prototypes (with real content). They are linked together to walk through each user journey.

User feedback

We get immediate feedback on the prototypes to learn what does and does not work. We iterate the prototypes.

Ready to develop

You are user-centred to progress and develop working prototypes OR to make the decision not to progress.

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We’re always happy to have a chat about your plans, or potential projects.

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