Webinar: How to run a discovery phase for your digital project

We turn complex problems into clear plans for new and existing digital services.

31 July 2024, 4pm GMT | 45 mins | Free | Zoom

The discovery phase of a digital project is crucial to understanding what your users actually need and what you should do next. But it can be challenging for teams that haven’t been through it before (and for those that have!).

We’ve run 40+ digital project discoveries and want to share  practical examples and tips to run your successful and insightful discovery.

You will learn…

☑ What to expect from a discovery phase

☑ What goals to set for your discovery

☑ What resources and team you need to run a discovery

☑ How to start your discovery as quickly as possible

☑ How to run an effective discovery in the timelines

☑ How to procure a good discovery supplier (if you need one)

☑ The risks of running a discovery and how to mitigate them

☑ How to get the most from the discovery experience

Who will find this valuable?

This webinar is perfect for individuals or teams expecting to run a discovery phase on an existing or prospective digital service including websites, intranets, data collections, and applications.

Particularly teams that want to pursue a user-centred and Agile approach to their digital project, or need to comply with the GDS or NHS Service Standard.

Meet our expert speakers

We’ve specialised in delivering discovery phases for over a decade.

Helen Taylor

Dr Helen Taylor

Helen has been the Delivery Manager on 35+ successful discoveries. She knows what it takes to set up and run a successful discovery, including the risks.

Stephen Hale

Stephen Hale

Stephen has led many discoveries for the likes of NHS England, Department for Transport, and Cabinet Office.

‘Lagom Strategy has proved yet again why they are they are one of the top rated discovery providers in the public sector.’

Enterprise & Innovation Architect, NHS England

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