User research for digital services

Quickly get the robust research evidence and actionable findings about your users’ problems and needs.

Photograph of a user testing session

Our experienced researchers will design, deliver, and analyse a research plan of honed quantitative research and qualitative research methods.

We’ll help you shape your new or existing digital service or website at any point in the service lifecycle. 

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We can help you to:

  • Demonstrate a truly user-centred approach to new and existing digital services, including websites
  • Understand who your users are and what they really need
  • Validate and challenge assumptions about your users
  • Gather the robust research evidence you need make evidence-driven decisions
  • Hear the voices of digitally excluded and disabled user
  • Get actionable research insights and recommendations
  • Learn how to improve user experience, navigation, content, data
  • Participate in the research for first-hand insights and skill transfer
  • Designed to meet the Government and NHS Service Standards
  • Seamlessly slot research into Agile processes during any phase

How we do it:

  • User research throughout the service lifecycle: Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live
  • Define the research goals and research plan
  • Recruit suitable and sufficient participants for the research activities
  • Conduct semi-structured one-to-one user interviews
  • Ethnographic methods (including field visits, observations, diary studies) 
  • Usability test live and in-development services (remote and in-person)
  • Facilitate workshops (including user experience journey and persona mapping)
  • Larger online user surveys and statistical analysis (including user satisfaction, user needs validation, card sorts)
  • Analyse all research data into evidenced, actionable findings
  • Share research findings and evidence in reports and stakeholder show-and-tells

Who do we help

Any team needing user-centred evidence to inform decisions about their current or prospective digital service.

  • Any service owners responsible for a digital service
  • UK Government departments and arms length bodies
  • Local government
  • NHS bodies
  • Health, education and workforce providers


Read case studies from some of the 40+ teams we’ve helped:

How to work with us

We’re on the Digital Marketplace Outcomes and Specialists and G-Cloud 13 frameworks offering our discovery, service design and user research services.

Get in touch

We’re always happy to have a chat about your plans, or potential projects.

Helen Taylor

Or phone: 01509 351040


  • ~£2k – £20k (depending on what is needed)

“[Lagom] carried out in depth work exploring how our users interact with our nationwide search tool. The insights provided will be critical in advancing our development plans and building convincing arguments for change.” 

– Knowledge & Library Hub Manager, NHS England

Why Lagom?

We draw on our experience of working with 40+ teams to deliver user research and discovery phases over the last 10 years.

We are independently owned, technology-agnostic, and don’t build things: so you can trust our recommendations are truly objective, best value, and above all, user-centred.

Helen Taylor

“Our commitment to user research isn’t for show. It’s because we’ve found that properly understanding user behaviours is almost always the most effective first step to improving a service.”

– Helen Taylor, Lagom Strategy

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