Case Studies

Gathering evidence to inform Wellcome Connecting Science's training programme strategy

Wellcome Connecting Science (WCS) funds, develops and
delivers courses, conferences and other events across the

By engaging with WCS learning and training content,
researchers and professionals working in healthcare or public
health can learn more about genomics and how it relates to
their area of work.

Project overview

A number of Wellcome Connecting Science trainers
had been invited to meet-up over two days, both in person and

The WCS team approached us as they wanted to use this
opportunity to gather evidence to inform a strategy they are
developing for their training programme.

Project goals

The research goals were to:

  • Explore and articulate the impact of the existing suite of courses
  • Explore the current and prospective scope of genomics training
  • Explore ideas for a possible roadmap for genomics training

Project team

To deliver the necessary work, the Lagom project team
consisted of a Service Designer and User Researcher.

What we did

  • Supported the team to develop a set of research goals and questions that would help inform their strategy
  • Developed a research plan to evidence the research questions, including research activities that could be delivered as part of the 2-day trainer meet-up and identifying additional research activities
  • Developed and ran a number of hybrid research activities as part of the 2-day trainer meet-up, including:
    • An experience mapping workshop
    • A world café style workshop
    • Reflection and ranking activities to identify priorities
  • Produced consolidated workshop outputs
  • Produced an evidence note from the research activities,
    mapping the evidence against the research questions.

Project outcomes

The work provided Wellcome Connecting Science with a strong base of evidence to inform the strategy, and to make decisions about where best to focus its resources, as well as suggesting additional potential activities outside of the 2-day meet-up which could provide further evidence towards the research questions.

“ Working with Lagom was truly refreshing and insightful. We gained valuable insights which will richly inform our approaches to increase WCS genomics training programme impact. We are excited about integrating the insights gained into our strategies moving forward. I highly recommend Lagom Strategy to anyone seeking to develop strategy for global training and capacity building programmes.”

Alice Matimba, Head of Training and Global Capacity, Wellcome Connecting Science

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