Lagom’s 2022 work experience students

Adam Spencer

Between April and July, we ran our second year of structured work experience opportunities. 

We were thrilled to have four master’s students with us to learn more about user research and service design for government and public sector digital services in the UK. 

They were Shambhavi and Ning from Loughborough University, who are studying User Experience and Service Design. Shortly followed by Juliet and Eunice who are completing their master’s degrees in Design Management at Birmingham City University.

During their weeks with us, they were observing user research sessions and taking part in workshops, as well as attending project meetings and also speaking one-to-one with a Lagom user researcher, service designer, delivery manager and their assigned buddy who supported them throughout their time at Lagom.

Each week of work experience flew by and we were sad to see each one go, but here’s some of their feedback and key takeaways about their time with us.

“The most valuable takeaway for me has been from the observation part. Although we are taught how to conduct interviews or testing at the university, I think I learned it better by observing the way it is implemented.”


“I learnt a lot from internal sessions between Lagomers. The in-depth understanding of teamwork in design.”


“I think the ability to meet with someone from each roles helped not only understand the context of the roles of the researcher but also areas in the industry I had not previously known about in any detail.”


“I came to Lagom with a goal of being user researcher, and now I am open to both user researcher and service design positions.”


And if you haven’t read them already – Shambhavi, Ning, Juliet and Eunice each wrote their own blog reflecting on their time with us too.

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