Blog: John Gribbin

John Gribbin 25/04/2023

Articulating systems and services

In the world of digital discoveries, two key terms often come up in discussions: systems and services. While they may seem like the same thing, there are distinct differences between the two terms that need to be understood for us to develop effective solutions for users.

John Gribbin 04/07/2022

What is a Lagom Service Designer?

I recently made the formal switch in job roles from User Researcher to Service Designer, after a period spent acquiring…

John Gribbin 01/10/2021

Using Miro as a project whiteboard

I recently saw an image that described discovery phase work as making a miro board until it’s completely incomprehensible and…

John Gribbin 18/06/2021

Reflecting on a year of working under Covid-19 restraints

At a recent team day, we sat down and reflected on the ways in which our working practices have changed - thinking about the things we want to keep once the pandemic is over and things that we might want to bring back into our workflow.