Case Studies

Discovery on the Road Accident In-Depth Studies (RAIDS) service

The Department for Transport asked us to run a GDS-aligned discovery for their Road Accident In-Depth Studies (RAIDS) digital service. 

The RAIDS programme gathers highly detailed data on road accidents, collected at the scene of a collision or retrospectively. This data is stored within the RAIDS digital service as a series of cases, each of which represents a collision. 

RAIDS data is then used by researchers and policy makers from government, academia and the automotive industry to inform road safety interventions, including developments in vehicles and infrastructure.

The department wanted to better understand the user needs for this service and areas where the user experience could be improved, to enable them to maximise the value that the RAIDS service can provide. 

We spoke to both stakeholders and users of RAIDS. We carried out 16 stakeholder interviews, 20 user interviews, and 5 remote observational sessions. We engaged 4 user and stakeholder participants in a design studio, and carried out prototype feedback sessions with 5 users. 

For this discovery Lagom partnered with Torchbox, who carried out  the technology review. In addition to this and the research activities described above, we also carried out an expert user experience review. Due to COVID-19, the project was run entirely remotely.

The findings from our research activities led to recommendations around the user experience, technology, and service ownership. These recommendations are now being used by the department to guide their decisions in how to proceed with the RAIDS service.

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