An insightful first few weeks at Lagom

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I have become quite accustomed to change in the last eighteen months. I transitioned from the world of teaching into user experience research and design, all alongside the birth of my first child, and England actually winning their Test matches. Yet I arrived at Lagom around a month ago, and feel refreshingly settled in my new Digital User Researcher role.

It was very apparent from my first conversations with the team that the role would be a great fit, both in terms of culture and role specifics. Despite it being fully remote, the process of settling in never felt isolating, and having a small team lends itself well to a more agile way of communicating. On top of this, being able to initially shadow the other members of the team allowed me to get up to speed with how our projects are structured, and I have already seen the value in this for both us and our clients.

Previous to Lagom, I worked as a UX & CRO Strategist at a digital design agency, where my role was very much focused on quantitative data analysis of our client’s e-commerce sites. I aimed to pinpoint patterns in user behaviour, locate problems, and present opportunities to streamline their purchasing journeys, with the ultimate goal of driving up conversion rates. 

As valuable as this analysis was to the start-ups we worked with, my journey to Lagom was led by the simple fact that although I could tell you what these users were doing, I never had the scope to tell you why. Since starting here I have already seen the value of prioritising the user’s voice in the research process, and how important qualitative analysis is to support the insights of any quantitative data.

That said, there is certainly a place for quantitative research. By adding further ideas to the problem space, and guiding the direction of subsequent qualitative research, I think the findings can be really powerful, and I look forward to combining these methods further as I continue to develop here at Lagom. 

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