And the 21 trees goes to Scotland

CO2e Assessed Organisation

Since I started Lagom Strategy, the principle has always been to tread lightly and make a positive impact on the world around us.

And although we’re hardly heavy industry; our travel, work spaces, and use of data centres still comes at a [carbon] price.

21 trees worth to be specific (for 2019 at least).

It has taken a bit of rooting around in various Dropbox folders for the travel expenses to tot up our road, rail, and tube milage. No flights last year fortunately.

I punched the numbers in on the calculator, then had a call with one of their team to check if my numbers were sufficiently robust. Thankfully, they were.

Our grand total of CO2 emissions for 2019 was 21 tCO2e which becomes far less abstract when converted to the required 21 trees to offset.

But where to plant our trees?

We are a distributed team around the UK, so it wasn’t an obvious decision.

So we all put our respective regions into the proverbial hat (i.e. a random answer generator website) to pick a winner…


Those trees will now be planted on our behalf and we are permitted to call ourselves a Carbon Neutral Organisation (for now).

Be the change you want to see in the World

This won’t solve the Climate Emergency, but it is our contribution, and a healthy reminder to us that our work does have an impact on the environment.

Rather pleasingly it turned out that several of the team are already powered on Green energy tariffs.

We can still get better and emit less in the first place. In fact we’ve got some handy recommendations from the Carbon Footprint people to achieve this.

Anyway, enjoy your 21 trees Scotland. Hopefully the East Midlands will be victorious when we do it all over again for 2020.

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