Discovery and user research for digital services

We help the UK public sector to make smart, user-centred decisions about prospective and existing digital services.

What we do

We combine immersive user research with our knowledge of building digital services to help teams successfully meet their users’ needs.

We build partnerships with public sector teams across the UK responsible for delivering transactional, data, and website services.

Digital user research

Understand the context, the experience, and the needs of your users so that you can build and iterate your digital service to meet them.

Digital service discovery

A systematic exploration of user needs, organisation goals, technical, data and content to reveal the direction for your digital service.

Digital service concept development

Collaborate with actual users to develop and explore prototype solutions for your digital service.

Who we are

We are a small, growing agency with a depth of research and public sector experience.

Our team are handpicked for their expertise, from government, academic and agency backgrounds. We like working with clients who share our inquisitiveness, and a genuine desire to uncover the evidence needed to make the best decisions.

Liam King

Founder and strategist

Helen Taylor

Operations and delivery lead

Adam Spencer

Senior user researcher

Stephen Hale


John Gribbin

User researcher

Charlotte Jais

User researcher

Emma Davis

User researcher

“I always feel that they go the extra mile for us. Not only that, they are a pleasure to work with. As well as being well-organised, and always delivering on time and budget, we have fun which you can’t always say about every agency.”

Health Education England

Case Studies

Discovery on transferring data to the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set

We were asked by Skills for Care to explore the experience of users who update a large amount of data…

Discovery about occupational health workforce data, for the Work and Health Unit

We were asked by the Work and Health Unit to explore the viability of a data service for the occupational health workforce


Charlotte Jais 18/11/2021

How user research helped me stay connected while shielding

Thanks to the fact that I have ulcerative colitis,…

Adam Spencer 05/11/2021

So long, farewell, ASC-WDS, goodbye!

If you’ve ever heard a statistic reported in the news…

Helen Taylor 04/11/2021

Why 8 weeks for a Discovery might not be enough?

From my experience of running over 30 GDS aligned Discoveries within the public sector, I have seen many cases where discovery projects may need to be longer than eight weeks. 

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