Service design, concept development and pilots for digital services

Rapidly develop and test ideas and concepts for your service.

Prototype for road freight service

Our service design experts develop journey flows and blueprints for your service.

And then we’ll design simple, clickable prototypes to test interfaces and concepts, gathering user feedback to rapidly decide how best to proceed.

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We’re always happy have a chat about your plans, or potential projects.

We can help you to:

  • Understand the end-to-end, online and offline service journey (to implement)
  • Explore user-centred solutions with frequent user input
  • Use the Agile approach to “fail fast” and iterate
  • Iterate prototypes and ideas with user testing feedback
  • Get stakeholder buy in with visually articulated ideas
  • Demonstrate user needs can be met before committing to an expensive build
  • Demonstrate (in Service Assessments) that you have tested different ideas

How we do it:

  • Map and prioritise user needs, including unmet needs
  • Co-design workshops with users to sketch ways to meet needs
  • Build simple, clickable concept prototypes
  • Prototypes use GOV.UK and NHS design patterns
  • User test prototypes and share feedback
  • Iterate prototypes with user feedback
  • Produce an end-to-end service blueprint (to implement)
  • Produce a target operating model to deliver the service

Who do we help

Any team needing to quickly generate and test ideas for a current or prospective digital service.

  • Any service owners responsible for a digital service
  • UK Government departments and arms length bodies
  • Local government
  • NHS bodies
  • Health, education and workforce providers


Read case studies from some of the 40+ teams we’ve worked with:

How to work with us

We’re on the Digital Marketplace Outcomes and Specialists and G-Cloud 13 frameworks offering our discovery, service design and user research services.

Get in touch

We’re always happy to have a chat about your plans, or potential projects.

Helen Taylor

Or phone: 01509 351040


  • ~£2k – £10k (depending on what is needed)

“[Lagom] came in at a crucial point, when we were making key decision about the direction we wanted to go in. They provided an impartial, expert view and also facilitated user testing along the developmental journey.” 

– Programme Lead, Genomics Education, Health Education England

Why Lagom?

We draw on our experience of working with 40+ teams to deliver user research and service design over the last 10 years.

We are independently owned, technology-agnostic, and don’t build things: so you can trust our recommendations are truly objective, best value, and above all, user-centred.

Stephen Hale

“You can learn so much by making simple prototypes to quickly test ideas with users.”

– Stephen Hale, Lagom Strategy

Who we’ve worked with