Joining the team at Lagom

Emma Davis

Starting a new job is often both exciting and daunting in equal measure but with the world still recovering from a pandemic and no chance to meet my new team in person, I was feeling slightly nervous about my first day.

Luckily it turned out that I didn’t have to worry, as the team at Lagom were already well versed in working remotely and making new starters feel welcome this way.

Regular contact on Slack, video call introduction sessions and a game of ‘guess Lagom’s true centre’ based on where everyone lives, have all helped me feel part of the team really quickly. (It’s Grimethorpe in Barnsley, in case you wanted to know).

Although a small team, it’s been clear that frequently opening the virtual door to those looking for work experience and internships has meant they’ve had a lot of practise in introducing newcomers to the work they do and how they do it .

So now I’ve sung the praises of the team, I should probably introduce myself – I’m Emma and I joined Lagom two weeks ago as a user researcher. Before this I was working in local government, delivering digital service discovery and development work for Suffolk County Council.

Part of what I enjoyed about my previous role was the variety of different services we got to work with and going from knowing relatively little about it to very quickly learning about it in depth – from both the teams that deliver it and the people who use it.

My first couple of weeks have already seen me dipping into projects my colleagues have been working on, as well as getting immersed in some of the projects that I’ll be carrying out the research for.

I’m looking forward to more of this, and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about what I learn and find soon!

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Emma Davis

User researcher

Emma Davis 02/06/2021

Joining the team at Lagom

Starting a new job is often both exciting and daunting…