Discovery planning workshop and action plan

Learn how to run a successful discovery phase: tailored consultation and recommendations from our experienced discovery phase experts.

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Looking to run a discovery phase for a new or existing digital service? But not sure how?

Learn how from discovery phase experts in our quick, highly-practical, and tailored discovery planning workshop and action plan.

Get discovery ready (fast)



Answer our targeted questions to help us tailor the workshop to your situation.


Half day workshop

Our discovery experts will facilitate your team in a highly collaborative online workshop.


Action plan

Get our practical recommendations and outputs to start your discovery .

Only £995 (+VAT)

Includes: Online half day workshop (with your team) + Your tailored discovery action plan

Get discovery ready in days

Our half-day workshop and discovery action plan will quickly show you:

  • What to expect from a discovery phase
  • The scope of your discovery
  • The timelines and activities for your discovery
  • Who your users are (to research with)
  • The team and resources you need
  • The main risks (and mitigations) for your discovery
  • How to procure a good discovery supplier
  • How to get the most from the discovery experience
  • Next steps to start your discovery

The half day workshop

Our discovery experts will facilitate your team in a highly collaborative online workshop that applies our experience of delivering 40+ discoveries to your specific situation and learning objectives.

They will run tailored activities across these themes to extract the information and decisions you need to make to be discovery ready:

PART 1. What makes a good discovery

Learn about the components, activities, and timelines for a robust discovery.

PART 2. Define the problem

Collaborate on the problem statement your discovery is aiming to solve.

PART 3. Define the scope

Collaborate on what is in scope, and importantly what is out of scope, for the discovery.

PART 4. Define the discovery goals

Articulate what the discovery needs to achieve. Collaborate and refine the goals for the discovery.

PART 5. Define who your users are

Breakdown the user roles and their attributes. Prioritise who to engage in the discovery research.

PART 6. How will you engage your users in research

Explore strongest channels to recruit research participants. Understand the barriers to recruitment.

PART 7. Define the team profile

Breakdown the required roles and responsibilities to deliver the discovery. Consider who will fill each role: in house or supplier?

PART 8. Define stakeholders to engage

Define the stakeholder groups you will need to engage before and during the discovery.

PART 9. Logistics and ways of working

Consider the tools, processes, working arrangements you need to put in place for the discovery.

Then get your discovery action plan

We’ll immediately convert all the captured workshop decisions into actionable recommendations and practical outputs (perfect for populating your business case or and project briefs):

☑ Problem statement and scope definition

☑ Discovery goals

☑ Prioritised list of user roles (to research)

☑ Breakdown of expected discovery activities (to perform)

☑ Required discovery team roles and responsibilities (to resource and/or procure)

A provisional discovery risk log with mitigations

☑ Practical ‘next step’ recommendations to quickly start your discovery

Only £995 (+VAT)

Includes: Online half day workshop (with your team) + Your tailored discovery action plan

Who do we help

Our discovery planning workshop and action plan is perfect for any team looking to run a discovery phase for a prospective or current digital service. 

We tailor the package to your situation whether you are in the public sector, third-sector, higher education, or private sector.

We know it is particularly valuable for service teams that:

  • Have no or limited experience of discovery phases
  • Need to agree on the scope and goals of their discovery
  • Want to start their discovery quickly 
  • Want to get the most out of their investment in a discovery

Meet the discovery experts (that will help you)

We’ve specialised in delivering discovery phases for websites and digital services for over a decade. You’ll be in good hands as we share many lessons on how to prepare and deliver your successful discovery.

Helen Taylor

Dr Helen Taylor

Helen has been the Delivery Manager on 35+ successful discoveries. She knows what it takes to set up and run a successful discovery, particularly the risks to mitigate.

Stephen Hale

Stephen Hale

Stephen has led many digital service discoveries for the likes of NHS England, Department for Transport, and Cabinet Office. He knows how to produce the robust findings and recommendations to progress user-centred digital services.

‘Lagom Strategy has proved yet again why they are they are one of the top rated discovery providers in the public sector.’

Enterprise & Innovation Architect, NHS England

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