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Content strategy and user research on Wellcome Connecting Science’s learning and training content

Wellcome Connecting Science (WCS) funds, develops and delivers courses, conferences and other events across the world. By engaging with WCS learning and training content, researchers and professionals working in healthcare or public health can learn more about genomics and how it relates to their area of work.

Project overview

WCS had a range of existing digital learning and training materials, published in a variety of formats and on different channels and platforms, but wanted a clear strategy on how to collate and re-purpose these resources to benefit their audiences. As well as understanding this, they also wanted support to develop a content workflow to help them publish and manage their digital content in future.

Project goals

The main goals for the project were for the client to:

  • understand and document existing and planned future content across courses 
  • understand the users needs in accessing and using course content, including outside of a course context
  • document a content workflow on how to publish and manage course digital content

Project team

To deliver the necessary work, the Lagom project team consisted of a Service Designer, User Researcher, and Delivery Manager.

What we did

  • Supported the client to develop a content inventory
  • Conducted 14 user interviews
  • Ran a user needs validation survey with 58 users
  • Developed and prioritised a list of 26 user needs
  • Ran a content design workshop
  • Developed a content workflow

The content inventory allowed us to capture the content that currently existed and where it was published.

Through the user interviews, we gained a better understanding of users’ experiences when producing or consuming WCS learning and training content. We also used the interview data to develop a list of user needs. 

We then validated the user needs in a survey, and supported the WCS team to prioritise these needs. 

The content design workshop was an opportunity for the WCS team to hear some of the key findings from the research, and to think creatively about how they could meet their users’ needs.

Project outcomes

As a result of these activities we were able to develop a content workflow to guide the WCS team when commissioning, producing and distributing learning and training content. Alongside this, we also provided the team with supplementary recommendations.

This will enable the WCS team to develop and distribute learning and training content in a way that meets the needs of both content providers and content consumers.

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