Case Studies

User Research on NSHCS’s new online learning assessment tool (OneFile)

The National School of Healthcare Science’s (NSHCS) procured an off-the-shelf learning assessment platform based on the evidence and recommendations from our Discovery.

The School’s Digital Team reengaged us before the rollout of the OneFile platform to conduct a series of user research workshops with actual end users.

We structured the day-long workshops to conduct small groups of usability testing with trainees and supervisors to explore both the digital platform, and the wider communications and support materials designed to onboard new cohorts.

Members of the Digital Team were embedded in each team to observe and engage with the user representatives first hand.

We all quickly identified user experience issues (on and off the platform) for the Digital Team to continuously iterate and improve the whole experience.

For example: changing confusing navigation labels in the platform interfaces, and reordering the delivery of messages in the onboarding emails.

The new learning assessment platform has now been successfully rolled out across the School’s healthcare science trainee programmes.

“[Lagom’s] leadership of workshops was impressive, firm and friendly. Their communication was always clear and honest. The work was fun and stimulating to take part in with them. At every stage of the project Lagom worked very hard both on the research itself and to ensure that we received a very transparent and personalised service.”

Stuart Sutherland, Head of Digital, National School of Healthcare Science, Health Education England

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