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Content pilot for the NHS Health Careers website

We were recently asked to be part of a content pilot for the NHS Health Careers website, following a discovery project that we did last summer.

The Health Careers team wanted to test their provisional content model for a range of core content types, including job role pages, article pages, and stories.

We engaged with a range of users, including people who are considering a career in the NHS and people who are considering a career change within the NHS. We ran a variety of user research activities including a tree test survey and moderated tree test sessions.

In these activities, users were presented with a series of short tasks related to finding information on the Health Careers website. They were then asked to indicate where they would expect to find this information within the context of a simplified provisional sitemap. 

We also ran feedback sessions with users and stakeholders. After each round of feedback sessions, we used Miro boards to walk the team through the feedback we had received. This enabled us to highlight exactly where comments had been made about a specific content element or a specific section of a page.

As well as feeding back our findings and recommendations, we developed a set of high-fidelity prototypes and content model diagrams in Figma. We also facilitated a session to help the Health Careers team to develop a content migration workflow. They are now making use of these outputs as they continue work on updating content from the website.

“Our Discovery project identified role pages and stories as crucial content for users when thinking about an NHS career. However, some of the content didn’t meet all their needs, especially where it is was copy heavy. Users wanted to read less and do more. Working with Lagom, we were able to develop a new content model, based on the findings of the Discovery and take an iterative approach to its development based on user feedback. 

Their approach to user testing gave us the insights we need to take the next step in our content development as well as identifying the challenges we face. Their work on the sitemap also gave us a structure for moving forward into the next phase. As well as insights, they offer tangible outputs that help us in building business cases and effective arguments for change.

I always feel that they go the extra mile for us. Not only that, they are a pleasure to work with. As well as being well-organised, and always delivering on time and budget, we have fun which you can’t always say about every agency.”

Darren Aldrich – Strategic and Communications lead for Health Careers, Health Education England

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