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The Messenger Office, One Ash, Loughborough Road
Quorn, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 8UE

We provide sustainable content strategy services on behalf of digital agencies and directly to business clients.

User research participant recruitment

Take the effort out of recruiting great participants for your website and digital service user research projects.


user RESEARCH participant recruitment

Get the right people for your website and digital service research


User research is critical to developing new websites and digital services, and to iterate and improve live services. But recruiting participants for your research can be the hardest part.

  • let us screen out unsuitable participants
  • minimise the risk of participant no-shows and drop outs
  • leave us to handle all the incentives and travel payments
  • at a very competitive fixed price and easy to procure via the Digital Marketplace
  • get the right participants for user interviews, workshops, usability testing, card sorting, and surveys
  • speed up your research as we find, screen and book the participants for you
  • stay free to focus on getting great research insights (not the admin bit)


We'll work with you to find suitable participants during intensive user research Discovery projects and during iterative research and improvement phases. This is how we recruit for the full range of user research activities: interviews, survey, workshops, usability testing, card sorting...


identify user roles

We determine which user roles need to be represented in the user research. We do this by mapping and surveying the users of your website or digital service and helping you to prioritise them.

identify the best channels

You are best placed to know where to find your users to engage: your website, newsletters, Twitter, Intranet, partner channels. We explore this with you and draw up a recruitment plan.

id hard USERS TO recruit

We quickly identify and prioritise the user roles that will be hardest to recruit for, especially small and busy groups. We give them our immediate attention to avoid delays with the research.

promote THE research

We use the combination of the identified channels to reach out to potential research participants. We craft the various tweets, newsletter snippets, and website pop-ups it takes to attract participants. We then closely monitor (and respond to) levels of interest across the channels and targeted user roles.

screen participants

Potential participants are directed to a screener form to gauge which user role they represent and which user research activities they are interested in. Their responses are carefully reviewed and we only capture the minimum personal data and fully adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998.

book participants

We directly contact participants to book them in for a research activity. We further screen them to ensure they will be a reliable and valuable participant. We capture this insightful extra context for the user research to work with.

substitute participants

We know the impact when participants drop out of booked research activities - so we have alternative participants on standby, ready to fill the spot. 

Minimising no-shows

We remind booked participants before the research activity, and if they don't reconfirm we replace them. If there's a "no-show" on the day, we rebook the slot.


We can advise on the need and level of incentives for research participants, and handle all payments when we follow up with them after their activity.


In the last 18 months we have led and advised on the recruitment of user research participants for Department of Health, the RAF, NHS England, National Crime Agency, and Health Education England.


a personalised service

Helen will work closely with you to identify your users, and use several methods to recruit these users for a full and trustworthy user research project.

The recruitment of participants for your user research project will be managed by Lagom's Project Manager, Helen Taylor.

Helen works closely with Government and public bodies to identify, recruit and manage the best participants to draw out valuable insights from the research.

Helen also has a PhD in scientific research and has run clinical trial research projects for major universities in the UK and Australia.