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The Messenger Office, One Ash, Loughborough Road
Quorn, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 8UE

We provide sustainable content strategy services on behalf of digital agencies and directly to business clients.

Content Production Planning

Producing all the content for a website or app project is a big job. Take control with a Content Strategist content production plan to ensure you launch with quality content on time and budget.


Content Production Planning

We help agencies and clients to publish quality, web project content on time.


Planning a website project?

Have you had time to think about how you will produce all the content for your new site? All the info pages, product descriptions, photos, videos, staff profiles... it quickly adds up.

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A good quality web page will take at least 10 hours of combined effort to go through a content production process like this.

A site can easily have 50+ pages... so that’s 500 hours to produce the content for your new site!

That level of investment needs special attention. If you think we’re exaggerating (which we’re not), take a look at Stop underestimating content production for web projects blog post.

Failing to develop a content production plan is risky:

  • projects are frequently delayed by content
  • budgets blow-out because content costs are underestimated (or ignored completely!)
  • poor quality content is migrated from the old site to save time
  • content producers and owners are put under pressure as they juggle production with the day job 
  • stakeholders aren't consulted, causing tension
  • poor content ultimately fails the project goals

Are you the agency?

Even if you aren't producing the content it is in your interests to help your client produce quality content on time.

Project delays are never a good thing and poor content lets the whole project down.


Take control with a Content Production Plan

We’ve purpose designed a unique service that quickly gives web project teams control of the content production process. Our experienced content strategist, Liam King, can work on behalf of an agency or directly with a business client to deliver this.


Benefits of the plan

  • produce and publish good quality content (that will achieve your goals)
  • ensure your content is ready for launch
  • prioritise and manage the flow of content
  • best manage your limited staff resources
  • minimise budget blowouts from content delays
  • develop a shared approach to content production

What does the Plan include?

  • Content Strategist facilitated content production planning workshop
  • custom recommendations and guidance
  • custom content workflow diagram 
  • set up of content production tools
  • custom guidance on activities, roles and skills
  • consultation with the Content Strategist at all stages

About our content production planning workshops

Participants work in teams to co-design the appropriate content production (editorial) process to meet the specific needs of your web project.

The workshop's carefully designed (and refined) activities are facilitated by our experienced Content Strategist to maximise every participant’s input and extract the most important ideas.

Workshop goals

  • identify content production pain points, bottlenecks, and skill gaps (early)
  • develop ideas to solve issues and mitigate identified risks
  • focus website project stakeholders back onto the content (challenge)
  • foster internal ownership and confidence in the production process

The workshop outputs are analysed by the Content Strategist and shape the final content production plan recommendations, materials, and templates.

Length: 2 hours | Participants: 4-8 (inc. project manager, site owner/s, content producers, content owners)  | Location: run on or off site | Materials: all provided by our Content Strategist.

Liam’s approach is dynamic and energised. It reduces confusion and enables stakeholders to focus on the very important task of creating and managing excellent content. Participants come away with a clear plan of action and a smile on their faces. Highly recommended!
— Ellen Geraghty, Content Strategist

We've got a reputation for content production planning...

Our Content Strategist, Liam King, running a masterclass at the Sydney Content Strategy Meet-up Group on how to facilitate content production planning workshops.

Watch Liam's guest webinar presentation with GatherContent where he shares his hard won insights around designing a content production process for website projects:

Get in touch (below) if you're interested in a masterclass or coaching on content production planning. We're always happy to share our experience.

And there's lots of expert advice in our growing archive of Content Production Planning blog articles.

Lagom’s experience in content management shone through when they produced an authoring and publishing workflow ready for adoption [for our Knowledge Management system]. Throughout the time working for us I was impressed by their enthusiasm for the subject and boundless energy.
— Philip Humphries, Land Registry
Liam understands content, and he understands people. He has a kind of cheerful calm around complex content questions – he puts clients at ease, that whatever the challenge, there’s a workflow to go with it, and efficiencies to be found.
— Adrian Wiggins, Principal at Pure and Applied
We have worked with Lagom Strategy to help our client interrogate the aims and priorities of their organisation, understand their audiences and translate business needs in to website content and structure. Their meticulous planning and energy meant that we were able to begin our website build with thoughtfulness and creativity.
— Tim Lloyd, Helpful Technology
Web Technology Group engaged Lagom to deliver the content strategy for the Land Registry knowledge management project. Recognising the importance of having the right process for content creation, management and structure, WTG sought a partner able to both imagine a new way of working and make sure the client organisation bought into it.

Lagom’s fresh-thinking and enthusiastic approach enabled them to engage closely with project stakeholders in both group workshops and one-to-one sessions, Lagom quickly understood the project and Land Registry’s needs, following up with clear and well-structured recommendations.
— Andy Sondon, Web Technology Group

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