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The Messenger Office, One Ash, Loughborough Road
Quorn, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 8UE

We provide sustainable content strategy services on behalf of digital agencies and directly to business clients.

Content Calculator

How many writers do you need for your web project? Our calculator gives you the answers your need to properly schedule and resource the production of high-quality content without project rollout delays. 

How many writers do we need for our website project?


This handy calculator will stop you from underestimating your content challenge and delaying your project.


1. How many pages on your new site?


Rough guide: school site (50 pages), charity site (100), intranet (500), university site (1,000). Check your sitemap.


2. How much effort to write each page?*


How many hours do you think it will take a writer to produce a typical page for your new site, inc. research and revisions? Guide: migrating pages with ~750 words from an existing site with some edits (3hrs). (Re)writing such pages from scratch (8hrs).


3. How long is your writing phase?



0 working days

0 days required to write pages**

0 full time writer/s required**


4. What is the day rate for A writer?

£ p/day p/writer

Work out the cost of hiring writers. Guide: £350 to £550 per day is the UK market rate for one experienced web writer.*** 

£0 to hire writers (to write all pages)


The calculator focusses on writers as they typically do the most work in the content production process, but don't overlook the required effort of subject matter experts and reviewers.

** Calculated on the assumption that a writer is productive for 6 hours per working day.

*** The Professional Copywriters’ Network suggest writers charge £250 to £800 p/day depending on experience.


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We can help you to take control of your content production with our Content Strategist designed and delivered Content Production Planning service...


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