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We provide sustainable content strategy services on behalf of digital agencies and directly to business clients.

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Running a content strategy masterclass with GatherContent this month

Liam King

I've partnered back up with our long-standing collaborators over at GatherContent to put on a masterclass: Content strategy and delivery for website projects

It's a two hour, free webinar on Thursday September 29th between 4pm and 6pm BST.

Learn how to plan, produce and deliver high-quality content, on time, for your website projects.

I've copied and pasted the learning outcomes bit from the page info / sign up page:

What will I learn?

During our online masterclass our experienced content strategist and facilitator [that's me!] will coach you on:

  • The common content production issues and coping strategies to keep projects on track and keep content stakeholders happy
  • Which content questions to ask early in a web project for longer-term success
  • Who you need in a successful content delivery team (and how to form one)
  • How to co-design and iterate a successful content production process for a project, to produce quality content on time
  • How to calculate the timings, resources and cost of delivering content on website projects
  • How to structure and manage a content delivery project
  • How to prioritise large amounts of content to better focus your time and budget
  • How to use tools to handle the content production process on website projects
  • How to sell content delivery services and activities to clients or an in-house team
  • The 2 hour online class is packed with practical, tried and tested techniques and tips to take away. That includes expert materials and templates available for you to download afterwards.

Read more about it and sign up on the GatherContent page.

We've had really good feedback on similar masterclasses we've put on over the last few years so take a look.