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The Messenger Office, One Ash, Loughborough Road
Quorn, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 8UE

We provide sustainable content strategy services on behalf of digital agencies and directly to business clients.



About Lagom

We put user need at the centre of websites and digital services.

Our principles

  • work with people and organisations trying to do good things

  • champion the users at every stage by starting with their needs

  • validate research to make evidence driven recommendations

  • don't recommend building new services unless there is overwhelming evidence to do so

  • treat our clients and partners with respect and fairness

  • never take on too much work so we can give our clients our full attention

  • step away if we aren’t adding value

  • share our ideas and experiences for others to benefit from (check out the Lagom Blog)

  • adopt a state of Lagom in all things we do (a Swedish word that loosely translates as balanced)

Meet the Lagom Team


Liam King - Lead Digital Strategist + Founder

Liam has been designing public sector websites and digital services for thirteen years.

Liam was previously Head of User Experience at the UK Foreign Office and Content Strategist at the Sydney based agency Digital Eskimo.

He leads Lagom's digital user research and full Discovery phases. 

Liam on LinkedIn.


helen taylor - USER RESEARCHER + delivery manager

Helen makes sure all our projects are run smoothly, on time, with no surprises.

Helen also leads on our quantitative user research and analysis work - it's her natural habitat as a science research PhD graduate.

She handles the recruitment of user research participants for our projects - something we put a lot of effort in to, to ensure we get the best insights.


Adam Spencer - ux researcher

Adam is a dedicated user researcher with a focus on immersive, and qualitative methods.

Adam likes to get on the road to meet and observe users in their own environments - in offices, schools, hospitals, homes...

Adam ensures that the user voice is at the centre of all our work so our clients can make user-centred decisions about their digital services.

Adam has a Masters in User Experience.



Stephen formally joined Lagom recently having previously worked with us as an associate on several projects.

Stephen has many years experience doing digital work inside government, most recently as head of digital at the Department of Health.

Stephen’s blog


We build the right team for each project by working with some of the best digital specialists in the business. Regular team members include: 


Chris Oates - Senior UX Designer

Chris Oates has 17 years experience creating and delivering digital products and services as a software developer, technical director, and head of user experience.

He has worked across a wide range of industries including education, finance and social enterprise, both agency and client-side.

Chris usually leads the technical reviews of existing websites and services.

Chris on LinkedIn.



Claire Collins - DIGITAL & Social media communications specialist

Claire specialises in social media content, strategy and evaluation. She has a background as a senior digital communications specialist in government at the UK Foreign Office and the Prime Minister’s Office. She has substantial experience managing websites and social media for high profile campaigns.

She has a particular interest in evaluation - helping organisations understand who their target audience is, how to reach them and how to measure and evaluate success.

Claire on LinkedIn.